Training1After evaluating your current level of customer service and administrative systems, I will advise  you on possible changes to ensure that the day-to-day management of your business is optomised and that your customers will be locked in for life!

Implementing Systems

Practical, tried and tested systems are implemented to manage your banking, petty cash, debtors, creditors, patient flow, stock, etc. Easy quality controls are put in place.

On-site staff training

On-site training is offered to ensure a high level of customer care, selling skills and administrative management. When it’s geographically not possible, we use the online training program with the support of the practice manager to get the same results.

Ongoing Support

Once a customer – always a customer. We pride ourselves in giving FREE email support to anybody who has dealt with us in the past. This relationship will last until you decide it’s over!

TRAINING (Facilitated and Online)

The modules explained below can be facilitated over the course of 3 days and can be done anywhere in the country.  Your employees will be motivated and energised when they return to their place of work.
training2With these modules I hope to entice you and your staff to try out various tips and tricks on how to ensure that nobody will ever leave your practice for another! We will look at the best ways to make people feel welcome, respected, and well treated during their visit to your practice. You’ll get great tips for smoothing the waters if problems arise – something that can happen in any business.  You will learn how to tailor your customer service to people’s individual needs to make each individual feel like a VIP.

Due to requests from practices in outlying areas, the Vangon Online service started in 2003.  To date, 1610 candidates have successfully completed one or more of these training modules.

What we cover won’t just help you be a better optical assistant – it will help you shine in any situation where “people skills” are key.