Q: How does it work?

The process is very simple. Go to the registration page to register your account. Once we receive your details, you will get an email with your invoice and payment details. As soon as we have received your payment confirmation, you will receive an email with a link to your personal domain where Module 1 can be downloaded.  Your exam will be uploaded on the same domain during the last week of the month.  You can complete the examination at your own leisure keeping in mind that there is a limit of 60 minutes before time-out.   It consists of multiple-choice questions from your current module.


There are 4 modules.  We advise that you do only one module per month – even if you feel that you are capable of more.  Take your time to implement what you have learned, question what you do not agree with and complete the test at the end of the month.

To ensure that the candidates are fully prepared for the examination, it is advisable that it is done under the supervision of the practice manager.

The pass rate for the examination is 75%.  Once you have completed the Module 1 examination, Module 2 will be uploaded to your domain and the process will be repeated.  Should you not achieve 75% for your examination, a re-write can be requested on the same day.

Once all the Modules and examinations have been completed, a final examination will be uploaded to your domain.  This examination covers all 4 modules and must be completed with 2 weeks.  The pass rate for this examination is 70%.  Once completed successfully, a Certificate of Competence will be uploaded to your domain.

Q: What is the final exam like?

The final exam is based on the  Vangon Online Optical Assistant Modules and consists of multiple choice questions.

Q. What are the course start dates?

Vangon Online courses commence at the beginning of every month.  All examinations are uploaded during the last week of the month.

Q: Can I question the course material?

Yes, please!  Course material is altered regularly and we would love to have your input.  Merely go to the Contact Us section of the website to send an email to an instructor to whom you can direct your questions.

Q: What is included?

  • 24 x 7-hour access to the training material from anywhere in the world.
  • A printer friendly version of the Vangon Online Optical Assistant Course provided on your domain
  • A friendly instructor to answer your questions via email

Q: How much does it cost?

At R1 950.00 for all four modules, the Vangon Optical Assistant training course is by far the best investment to make in your practice to ensure that new staff members gain the knowledge they need to add value to your practice and that employees that have been part of your practice for many years get empowered to do more and to do it better!



Module 1

In this module we discuss the front office assistant’s key role as a goodwill ambassador for an optometric practice and the importance ofmulti-tasking and time management.   With this new knowledge, you’ll be ready to provide great customer service – a much needed tool to differentiate one business from another!

  • Customer service – because they can go elsewhere
  • Communication skills – it’s all about how you make them feel
  • Telephone communication – converting all calls into appointments
  • Time management

Module 2

In this module we will explore the ins and outs of scheduling and dealing with patients efficiently from the minute they walk into your practice until they are satisfied with their goods and service and have paid their bill.  We will also learn how to deal with money in the practice and about the importance of managing stock effectively.

  • Patient Flow – ensuring that your systems run smoothly and that all patients are always in focus
  • Office administration
    • This module includes the A – Z of the administrative duties when dealing with a patient –
    • Dealing with money matters (daily banking, debtors, creditors, petty cash and all office administration)
    • Managing Stock

Module 3

It is important to understand the role of the optical assistant in the practice.  Under no circumstances can an optical assistant work without supervision of the optometrist or for some of the tasks, the supervision of an optical dispenser.  This module will assist you to understand the terms used and the need for various functions in the practice.  Failure to understand it may lead to unnecessary mistakes!  We will also learn about frames, lenses and the various options available to fulfil the lifestyle needs of a patient – knowledge you may need when dealing with a patient during the sales process.

  • Scope of Practice
  • Understanding pre-testing and terms used during an eye examination
  • Understanding terms used – learning a new language
  • What are measurements for?
  • Lens types & Lens materials
  • Tints and coatings

20896322_mModule 4

One of the greatest assets a practice can have is a well-trained salesperson that understands the art of identifying the customers’ needs and wants and then proceeds to exceed their expectations.  In this module you will learn that one pair is not enough!  You will learn the tricks of selecting the perfect frame while selling solutions to eyewear needs.  We will also learn about a much underestimated marketing function – internal marketing and end this module with merchandising rules and regulations.

  • Re-thinking your sales strategy (enhancing sales)
  • Lifestyle needs of a patient
  • Selecting the perfect frame – it’s fun!
  • Internal marketing – enhancing your business with minimum effort
  • Merchandising